Toyota RAV4 EV Lease Price Halved

Toyota RAV4 EV

It is quite obvious that hybrid and electric vehicles are more expensive than a standard gasoline or diesel powered vehicles but through the exploitation it will be much cheaper plus you will be driving vehicles that pollutes far less.

Few of the EV’s that we have on the market are getting significant price drop so it would attract more drivers to the brand. Similar happened to Toyota RAV4 EV. Almost every EV on the market has lowered the price and that is what also happened with RAV4 EV.

Toyota is looking to push a few more all-electric RAV4 crossovers out the door over the Labor Day weekend. The Detroit News is reporting that, through September 3, anyone looking to get into a RAV4 EV in Los Angeles or San Francisco, can get a deal: a $299 a month lease (no word on down payment, though) or zero-percent financing for 60 months for buyers.

Toyota RAV4 EV Back

The $49,800 RAV4 EV normally leases for twice as much – $599 a month – so this move could be an attempt to sell more of the 2,600 units Toyota has planned to produce. Or maybe, if you thought $599 was a fair price, you can now get two RAV4 Evs. Although temporary, the price drop comes at a time when many other EVs on the market have had their prices reduced, including the Nissan Leaf, Chevy Volt, Smart Fortwo ED and Honda Fit EV, not to mention already low prices for the Fiat 500e and Chevy Spark EV.

Toyota RAV4 EV Interior

There is no doubt that this is a great opportunity to get your car at a significantly lower price. We certainly do hope that more EV’s in the future will offer this and that the overall price of EV’s and hybrids will drop. If this happens we can hope to see more of these vehicles on the roads and to achieve higher saves than what we currently have.

Just as a reminder Toyota RAV4 EV is a result of cooperation between Tesla Motors and Toyota. Battery pack and drivetrain were delivered by Tesla while inside RAV4 remains pretty much the same vehicle just like in a standard version.

Toyota RAV4 EV Side

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